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Client: NSW Public Works

Location: Ulladulla, NSW

Description: In October 2013, a fire destroyed the old Abalone Co-op building in Ulladulla, and along with it, the adjacent Ulladulla Marine Rescue Unit. The unit provides vital safety services for the local boating community. Gran Associates were engaged to design a new facility for the site, purpose-built to suit the operations of the Marine Rescue Service.
The building site abuts the Ulladulla harbour and beach. So the new structure had to withstand the harsh marine environment, with constant salt water spray and strong winds. The facility includes a communications area to house the state-of-the-art communications equipment. The design also includes a large viewing room and decks on two sides of the building. Unobstructed views of the ocean and harbour entrance are essential for monitoring weather conditions and the arrival of rescue vessels in the harbour.